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Myatt Garden Primary School


At Myatt Garden, our aim is for all of our children to be responsible, competent and creative users of digital technology. The knowledge and skills gained through computing are fundamental in helping children to fully appreciate and understand the impact of technology in our everyday lives. Our computing curriculum supports children to: become digitally literate; use information technology to develop their ideas and express themselves; and become active participants in a digital world.

Children engage in how to apply computer science with opportunities to create and effectively debug computer programs, using a range of software and devices. Developing coding skills begins in Key Stage 1, using Bee-Bots and Junior Scratch and continues through the rest of the school, with each coding unit building on previous skills.

The use of laptops, iPads, cameras and green screen technology allows children to publish their ideas and express themselves creatively through technology.

Importantly, E-safety is built into our computing curriculum and is also taught through    our PSHE curriculum and assemblies. All children are taught how to keep their information safe and how to use technology responsibly and respectfully, both in and out of school. Children are also taught to be critical thinkers and to question the accuracy of what they may see or read online.

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