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Myatt Garden Primary School


At Myatt Garden, Geography is a valued part of our curriculum and builds on children’s natural curiosity and fascination about the world and its people.

Children begin their geography learning by focusing on our local area and extend their knowledge to other parts of the world, always thinking ‘what is this place like’ and ‘why?’ They explore patterns and develop an understanding of the inter-relatedness of places and people on Earth.

Each year, children build on previous achievements, developing map skills and the ability to interpret other sources of geographical information such as globes, aerial photographs and evidence gathered through field trips.

We encourage children to build their geographical skills within a context that is meaningful to them. For example: Year 1 enjoy developing maps of the playground when Dora the Explorer comes to visit; Year 3 learn about the impact of deforestation and its impact on the whole planet; Year 4 learn about rivers and go wading in the Thames tributary; Year 5 learn about London and plan for a more sustainable future.

Our children are encouraged to think about their own place in the world and their responsibilities to other people and environments. They learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and we are proud of their passion to protect the planet, becoming active citizens who want a sustainable world where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life.




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