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Myatt Garden Primary School


Many of our topics have history at their core, allowing our children to develop a deeper understanding of past events and societies and their legacy that impacts on our lives today. Children explore the past not only in discrete history lessons, but also through drama, art, music and in literacy lessons. For example, when Year 1 learn about homes in the past, they wash clothes using a tin washtub and a dolly, beat carpets and polish shoes! We also make extensive use of museum trips and external visitors to give our children memorable learning experiences.

Our history curriculum supports the development of critical thinking skills. Children are encouraged to ask questions, consider the validity of source information and consider the bias of those sources e.g. are Christian and Anglo-Saxon writings a reliable source when learning about the Vikings?

We have developed our history curriculum to ensure that the much-overlooked history of Black people in Britain and beyond is embedded in our learning, from the diverse multicultural society of Roman times, to the significant contribution of soldiers in WWII and beyond.





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