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Myatt Garden Primary School


Maths is a key strength at Myatt Garden and we have worked with our local Maths Hub over a number of years to develop our curriculum and teaching with a mastery approach. Our children are keen mathematicians who love applying their knowledge and understanding to solving problems and explaining how they have arrived at a solution.

Maths is taught mainly in discreet lessons, based upon the Power Maths programme, which supports the national curriculum requirements. The programme is specifically developed to help children develop a deeper understanding of maths, and supports our mastery approach to learning. Our maths curriculum is devised to develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving in all areas of mathematics.

We want our children to understand maths concepts and to be confident in finding efficient methods to solve maths problems. To develop understanding, we use the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach throughout the school: first, children use real life objects or purpose-made maths resources; then they represent concepts pictorially; and the final stage is abstract understanding.

Our calculation policy has been designed to give parents very clear examples of how concepts and strategies are introduced to children in each year group. The diagrams have been chosen to support parents in understanding how their child is learning in school, and to enable parents to support children at home.

The policy, with clear examples of how your child is learning maths in school, can be downloaded below.



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