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Myatt Garden Primary School

Information for Families: 11.3.22

Parents’ Meetings
Parents’ meetings are always a valuable opportunity to discuss your child. I hope you found your meeting(s) informative and they provided you with a detailed picture of your child as a learner and how you can support them best.

As a school, we aim to speak to every child’s family, so if you were unable to make your appointment, please contact the school and we will be very happy to make an alternative time for you.

Take One Picture
You’re invited to our amazing Art Exhibition at the Arthouse on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March from 3.30 - 7pm.

You’ll be able to see the fabulous artwork created by your children during our Take One Picture Week and were all inspired by ‘The Shipwreck on a Stormy Sea’. The exhibition is a great opportunity for our children to showcase their work as artists in a real exhibition space. All of our classes will visit the exhibition during the school day, but having an adult audience will make it even more special for them as you admire and celebrate the creativity of Myatt Garden.


We also need volunteers who would be willing to supervise the exhibition for a 45 min slot. If you can help, please complete the form here: https://forms.office.com/r/nW5CwTHb1x

FOMG Brockley Photo competition
4 days to go….There are just a few days left if you want to get involved in the online photography project. Please spare a moment to share a photo (old or new) of Brockley and support our school fundraising. The Friends of Myatt Garden have got creative with this social media project to raise valuable money for the school. This is one a project that only works with the support of our school community. If you post a photo on your social media page for Instagram and Facebook and include tags #friendsofmyattgarden @friendsofmyattgarden #conranestates @conranestates Conran Estate Agents will donate £1 for every photo.

FOMG will be funding a new sandpit for the playground as part of the OPAL play that the children love. This costs over £3,500 and will be coming soon, so your help is greatly appreciated. If you’re on Twitter swap tags to #myattgardenpta @myattgardenpta #conranestates @conranestates.

We have really enjoyed seeing some of the lovely photos that have already been posted, but let’s fill the @friendsofmyattgarden feed with lots more of your great shots and raise money for our school in the process.

For information on how the FOMG support our additional fun and educational projects each year please see our school website, or email: friendsofmyatt@gmail.com