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Myatt Garden Primary School

Information for Families: 17.6.22

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, although I know it’s not everyone’s favourite. I’d like to start with a few reminders about taking care in the sun.

To protect your children in the hot weather please consider:
• Hats - wearing a baseball cap or a broad sun hat can help prevent painful sunburn caused by exposure to UV light in the sun's rays protecting faces, ears and necks.
• Water bottles - please make sure that your child has a water bottle in school, it is so important that they are staying hydrated in the heat.
• Sun cream - please put sun cream onto any exposed areas at home, not in congested areas or as the children are coming into the classrooms.

We have placed additional canopies in the playground for shade and are encouraging children to ease back on vigorous play and spend at least some time in the shade.

OPAL Play and Stay
We are hoping to see lots of you at our upcoming OPAL play after school. Last month, we were assessed as a Platinum Opal school, meaning we are one of the best schools in the country for play. We’d love you to come and see what your child gets up to at playtimes and to join in the fun. Maybe you can make a den, create an obstacle course, play your own version of volleyball or see if your legs still stand up to space-hoppers.

If that sounds too exhausting, you could always chill on the bank or pretend you’re on the beach in our brilliant new sandpit.

• When: Wednesday 22nd June
• Where: The playground
• Time: 3:30 - 4:15

The weather looks set to stay fair, if a little cooler, so please come along and enjoy the sunshine with your child as they play and take yourself back to your childhood.

Myatt Festival: We All Belong
We hope you are excited about our festival next Saturday. It’s a chance to come together and celebrate the diversity of our community. The festival will include:

• A performance from the choir;
• Irie! dance and drumming performance by Year 4;
• Migration exhibition;
• New mural reveal;
• A range of delicious food including jerk chicken, salad bar, Greek mezze and jollof rice;
• Two bouncy castles;
• Range of stalls;
• Collaborative art work;
• Face-painting

We are all look forward to recreating the wonderful atmosphere from our 50th birthday and providing a fun day out for all our families past, present and future!

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
We are so proud of our new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Following an extensive programme of training with the Princess Diana Award team, our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors led a great assembly this week. They took the opportunity to tell the whole school all about their new role in the playground helping children who may be experiencing problems.

They helped the children understand what bullying is and how to get help if they are being bullied. They talked about how they have been trained to support anyone who is being bullied, help the bully to STOP and create a school of upstanders.

They used a number of scenarios to help everyone understand that bullying:
• Happens more than once;
• Is deliberate;
• Causes harm- verbal, indirect (emotional & cyber) and physical.

These 16 ambassadors are in the playground every day and are identified with illuminous tabards and badges. There was a lot of interest from other pupils and we hope to be able to train more ambassadors again next year.

Financial Help
Getting everyone entitled to FSM signed up really helps the school as well as providing additional benefits to your child. As a school we can benefit from discounts on resources, etc. if we have a higher percentage of FSM children they will qualify for free breakfast club, discounted music lessons and free trips. Please have a look at the list below and see if you might qualify.

Who can get free school meals?
Your child can qualify for free school meals if your combined annual household income is below £16,190 (as assessed by HMRC) and you get one of the following benefits:
• income-based: income support or jobseeker’s allowance (not eligible if on contribution-based jobseeker’s allowance);
• income-related: employment support allowance (not eligible if on contribution- based employment support allowance);
• universal credit;
• income support;
• the guaranteed element of state pension credit;
• support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;
• child tax credit only.

No recourse to public funds (NRPF) parents
During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, some children of groups who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF) are eligible for free school meals. Read more about free school meals for NRPF groups and find out if you are eligible.
• If you're not on benefits;
• If your income is below £16,190 and you are not on any benefits your family will not be eligible;
• If one parent earns above £16,190;
• If one partner or spouse in the household gets benefits and the other gets an annual income above £16,190, as assessed by HMRC, your family will not be eligible for free school meals;
• If you get working tax credits;
• If you get working tax credit regardless of your annual household income your family will not be eligible for free school meals.

Please look out for an email coming next week requesting permissions for the use of your children’s images. We are really keen to share our fabulous OPAL playtimes, etc. with a wider audience so we will be asking you to click on a link, tick a box and give us permission in one easy step.

Myatt Cook Book extended until Monday 20th June
We’d love you to take a little time this weekend to contribute a special family recipe to our Myatt Cook book. The deadline has been extended until 20th June to allow you more time to add your recipes. We need about 15 more.
Click on the link to add your recipes and following the instructions online: Myatt Cook Book our Password: M1G&D If you have issues with the photo upload, please email photos to: FOMG

Key Dates Coming up
• Myatt Garden Festival - We All Belong: Saturday 25th June 12 - 3pm
• Class photographs: Wednesday 22nd June
• INSET day (school closed): Friday 8th July
• New Reception children’s play date: Tuesday 5th July (non-Myatt Garden children) & Thursday 7th July (our nursery children)
• Sports Week: Monday 11th - Friday 15th July
• Sports Day: Monday 11th July (KS1 morning & KS2 afternoon)
• Reports due out: Friday 15th July
• Year 6 Show: Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th July 7pm
• Last day of term: Friday 22nd July (3.25pm finish)