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Myatt Garden Primary School

Information for Families: 4.3.22

Book Week

What a great week we have had celebrating all things books, authors and reading!

Performance Poetry

We have used this week to focus on performance poetry. Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 selected a poem and then rehearsed their performance as a class or year group to share with their Key Stage. What a joy - we had humour, serious messages and lots of actions - all performed with enthusiasm and pizzazz!

Book Swap

It was lovely to see all of the children so excited about choosing a new book to take home. Thanks to everyone donating good quality books that we could recycle, we have been able to find them all a new home

Amazon Wishlist

We also shared all of our lovely new books that families have so generously donated through each class Amazon Wishlist. A huge thank you from all of us to anyone who sent us books.

Thank you to Ms Whelan for organising our book week and for the staff for embracing it.

School Closure

A reminder that school will be closed on Wednesday next week (9th March).   Teachers will be spending the day meeting with you via School Cloud (video call) to discuss your child’s learning and progress.  If you have not made an appointment yet, please contact the school office and they will help you arrange a meeting or phone call with your child’s teacher.  Clear joining instructions for the video call meetings will be sent out at the beginning of next week.

Contacting the School

It is really important that if you need to contact the school with messages regarding changes to collection arrangements, etc. that you use the school: admin@myattgarden.lewisham.sch.uk address.  These are usually a rare, one-off message, but class teachers are busy teaching during the day and are not able to attend to emails to their year group inbox.

Take One Picture Exhibition

We will be inviting you all to the Art House on Lewisham Way on Wednesday 16th or Thursday 17th between 3.30 - 7pm to see the wonderful art work that your children created during our Take One Picture week.   Make a note in your diary, it’s always a great event!

Conflict in Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, lots of our children have been asking about the current situation in Ukraine and some of our KS2 classes have addressed it in a circle time. We thought you may find these resources helpful if you are having conversations with your children.  https://www.savethechildren.net/news/ukraine-5-ways-talk-children-about-conflict-0


There is a clear account of what is happening available on BBC’s Newsround (often a good source of sensitive and child-friendly reporting):


In addition, these resources are helpful offering advice on dealing with any upset caused by news stories in general:


We are keen to help the children focus on something more positive and therefore next week we will be discussing with them what we can do as a school to help.

Read, Read, Read

We’re challenging you to build on our focus on books this week. We have been talking about the need to read in order to become a better reader, making links to musicians and athletes needing to practice their skills. We’ve talked about ‘stamina’ when reading and how important it is that we can keep going and work on our fluency when reading a text.  We also learnt in assembly this week that if we read for 20 mins every day for a year we will read words. So, go for it and encourage your children to read every day.

If they’re not keen to read:

  • Make it positive and fun - praise effort and don’t expect it to be perfect;
  • Agree to share it - they read a page, you read a page;
  • Recognise achievements by ticking off on a calendar and highlighting improvements in reading;
  • Talk about why you want to ensure they are a good reader;
  • Offer alternative reading opportunities - newspaper, information texts, online material;
  • Go to the library to choose books together;
  • Agree the best time/place to read;
  • Make sure they see you enjoying reading;
  • Find real reasons for them to read - instructions for games, recipes.

Free bagels in the playground

Please come and see us under the canopy in the playground before school to grab a free bagel or fruit before school. All we ask is that you collect them at least 5 mins before school starts so that your child has time to eat them before class starts.

Everyone welcome!