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Myatt Garden Primary School

Migration Stories: Can you Help!

Our Summer Fair is fast approaching (next week) and we would like to encourage as many families as possible to share with us your migration stories.

This could be about you, a member of your family or even a family friend:

• Have you or your family moved to London from another part of the UK, or from another country?

• Have members of your family moved from London to live somewhere else?

Please share your stories with us, together with any photographs that you are happy to share, this is a great way to get all family members and friends involved, sharing different experiences and memories.

All of your stories will be part of an amazing exhibition that celebrates our individual journeys and shared strength.

You can share your story by:

• Clicking on the link here: Migration Form
• If you prefer to share your story without using this form, or make a voice recording/video then please Admin Office

Thank you so much for your support!