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Myatt Garden Primary School


Vision & Values

Vision & Values



All Myatt Garden children enjoy and excel at learning and life.

Myatt Garden children have:

  • the learning and social skills to succeed and contribute;

  • the confidence, enthusiasm and self-belief to achieve, create and participate;

  • the curiosity and passion to problem-solve, take risks and be ambitious;

  • a sense of social responsibility that makes them team players, great friends and active citizens.



At Myatt Garden Primary School, we believe in the ability of every child and our mission is to create an environment that children can enjoy and excel in.

We aim to create a vibrant and enriching learning community where all children, staff and families are valued, included and respected and where all are encouraged to develop and achieve their potential and make a contribution.

Myatt Garden:

  • is a child-centred environment where children are supported to enjoy and to achieve; to be healthy, resilient and assertive; to participate and to be socially and environmentally aware; and to look to their future with optimism and purpose;

  • is an inclusive and supportive environment that is open and welcoming to families and promotes a partnership approach to children’s learning and well-being;

  • is a reflective environment where children and staff are focused on improvement and drive achievement, ethos and values.



At Myatt Garden Primary School, education is our passion.  We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and that there is nothing the children and adults in our community cannot achieve.  We are committed to:

  • ensuring fairness in all we do;

  • behaving respectfully with everyone we meet;

  • promoting equality of opportunity across our curriculum and in all of our policies and practice;

  • being open and honest with ourselves and each other;

  • working together to create community and to help everyone achieve their best.


British Values

Myatt Garden Primary School is committed to working closely and in harmony with its community and celebrating the diversity of the UK.  We aim to prepare children for life in modern Britain and to ensure that our school ethos, curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning reflect and promote British values. 

We recognise that these values are not exclusive to being British and that they have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world as the method of creating a society in which individual members can feel safe, valued and can contribute for the good of themselves and others. 

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