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Myatt Garden Primary School

What does a day at Myatt Garden look like?

As children grow and mature they are ready to learn in different ways. Therefore, as they move through the school, the pattern of the school day and how we support their learning changes.

School Hours

Nursery: The morning session is from 9.15am to 12.15pm. Children entitled to 30 hours will attend from 9.15am to 3.15pm.

Reception: 9.15am - 3.20/3.30pm  Collection window.  Please collect Reception children before older siblings. 

KS1: 9.00am - 3.30pm

KS2: 9.00am - 3.30pm


Beginning of the Day

Children are welcomed to class by the teacher or teaching assistant.  If children arrive late and have missed the register, they will need to be marked present at the school office.


Reception Key Stage 1  Key Stage 2 
9.15: Greet and Play 9.00: Register & Phonics 9.00: Guided Reading
9.45: Phonics 9.40: Literacy 9.30: Numeracy
10.10: Outside Learning 10.40: Assembly 10.40: Play
11.10: Literacy 11.00: Play 11.00: Literacy
12.00: Lunch 11.25: Numeracy 12.00: Assembly
1.25: Maths Time 12.15: Lunch 12.25: Lunch
1.45: Free Flow Play 1.25: Topic Based Learning 1.25: Science, Geography, History, PE  etc
3.00: Story Time 2.45: Play 3.10: Story Time
3.20/3.30: Home Time 3.00: Story Time 3.30: Home Time
3.30: Home Time

End of the Day

Children in Nursery, Reception and key stage 1 are released from class only when a parent or carer has arrived to collect them via the outside classroom door. From Year 3, children are allowed to meet their parents in the playground.   If you have arranged someone other than yourself to collect your child, please inform the school office, who will make sure this information is passed to the class teacher.



Foundation stage: Milk, drinking water and fruit is available in Nursery and Reception. This is provided free of charge.

Key stage 1:  Drinking water is available to KS1 children in their classrooms.   A piece of fresh fruit is also provided (free of charge) for each child every day to keep their energy levels up between mealtimes and promote healthy eating.

Key stage 2:  Children are welcome to bring a drink from home of water, fruit juice or squash.  They can also bring fruit from home to have as a snack at morning break time.





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