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Myatt Garden Primary School


Friends of Myatt Garden (FOMG)

Meet the Friends of Myatt Garden Committee

The Friends of Myatt Garden's aim is to create a warm and welcoming school community for Myatt Garden families and to support school in offering an interesting and varied learning experience for our children.

We are always in the school playground. Please do come and speak to us if you see us around; we are all very approachable and happy to answer any queries about Myatt Garden or FOMG.


Noreen Bardsley - FOMG Chair

Hi, I'm Noreen, proud mum of Hudson in Year 5. My journey with the FOMG began 9 years ago when my eldest started reception. Eager to get involved, I started by creating Story Sacks for Early Years kids. It felt amazing to support the school, build friendships, and create cherished memories through fundraising events.

Today, I proudly serve as the Chair of Friends of Myatt Garden. My role involves planning events, fundraising, and fostering community experiences with fellow parents. I love being part of our school community and supporting our school in providing so many extra enriching opportunities.

Outside of FOMG, I manage my own business, so I understand the delicate balance between family, work and volunteering. Together, let's continue supporting our kids' growth and happiness. Join us in making a difference! 


Karen Kiernan - FOMG Secretary

I have two kids at Myatt and always enjoyed meeting other parents and families through volunteering at various events. From biscuit decorating, bar tending, putting up bunting or - my favourite - driving a big van dressed as Santa Claus, delivering Xmas trees.

As a member of the committee, I like to bring a practical perspective on the rewards - and challenges(!) - of volunteering.


Anne Mackie: FOMG Treasurer

I have a huge affection, respect and admiration for Myatt Garden, the Head Teacher Sally Williams and the staff. My daughter attended the school quite a while ago, but the happy memories remain.

Myatt Garden and its community was welcoming, the staff took time to understand her needs and make sure that she got the attention and care that she needed to get the most from her time. This combination of warmth, attention to the child and professionalism is rare in my experience.

I want to help Myatt thrive and carry on the incredibly important work it does for every child that goes there and help the ethos spread into the local community. 

Come join us and witness the incredible impact of Parent Power on our school community!

Become a Vital Member of the FOMG Committee 

Are you considering joining the Friends of Myatt Garden (FOMG) Committee? Like all parent teacher groups across the country, we are dedicated to the ongoing support of our school, but we need your help.

Here's a few reasons why we think you should consider becoming a part of our team:

  1. Make a Meaningful Impact: By joining the FOMG Committee, you have the chance to directly support the quality of educational experiences children receive at Myatt Garden Primary School. Your contributions matter and can shape a brighter future for our students.
  2. Foster Stronger Connections: Being a part of the FOMG allows you to build lasting relationships with fellow parents, teachers and school staff. It's an excellent way to connect with the school community and make new friends who share your commitment to the school.
  3. Shape School Initiatives: As a committee member, you'll have a voice in discussing different initiatives and projects. Your input will help to prioritise events and activities that align with the needs and aspirations of our school and its students.
  4. Learn and Grow: Joining the FOMG Committee is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You can develop new skills, gain valuable experience in organising events and fundraising, and enhance your leadership abilities.
  5. Be Part of Something Bigger: FOMG involvement is a chance to be part of a nationwide movement advocating for the welfare of children and the improvement of our schools. Together, we can create a stronger educational system for all.
  6. Set a Positive Example: By actively participating in the FOMG, you set a powerful example for your child, demonstrating the importance of community engagement and giving back.

Joining the FOMG Committee is not just an invitation to volunteer; it's an invitation to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to enriching the lives of our children. Together, we can continue to make Myatt Garden Primary School a place where every child thrives. Your support is invaluable, and we warmly welcome you to join us in this fulfilling journey.

To become more engaged in our activities or to join the FOMG, please reach out to us via email at: friendsofmyatt@gmail.com

Your involvement matters!

What we do

We hold family events throughout the year – some purely for fun, some to raise money.

We also organise activities in school time for the children. A typical year of events looks like this:

A selection of FOMG events and activities

A selection of FOMG events and activities


All parents and carers are automatically members of FOMG and we hope all families will contribute a little of their time to help us organise and run our events and activities throughout the school year. You can make a difference - whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours, every little helps.

We also raise extra money by :

  • selling Christmas trees to Myatt families and the local community - lovely Kent-grown Nordmann Firs in a variety of sizes. Look out for the order forms in November;
  • asking parents to host an estate agent board advertising our school event. We do this for Table Top Sales and the summer fair. For every board that's displayed, we receive £30.

What we spend our money on

Any money raised by FOMG events is spent on school activities that benefit every child as they progress through Myatt Garden.

We decide what to spend the money on at meetings. Everyone is welcome and everyone who attends helps decide. We hold meetings at least once a term: large spending is decided and reviewed once a year with small spends decided more regularly. School suggests areas where extra financial support is needed and we survey all parents if we wish to set a new large scale fundraising target/idea in place.

On an on-going basis we currently: subsidise school trips; support the school's gardening and allotment; contribute to art supplies; provide a budget for set/costumes for Year 2 and Year 6 productions.

 How we run FOMG 

FOMG is run by parents and everyone gives their time for free - there are no paid positions.

FOMG is a registered charity and so by law must have trustees. We have 3 named trustee positions: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and then six additional Committee members. This group organises all FOMG activities recruiting as many parents and staff to help as possible.

We hold at least one evening meeting a term, a yearly AGM and extra planning meetings to organise the large events (Christmas fair, summer fair) throughout the year.

The FOMG can never have too many parents helping, so please let us know whenever you can spare a little time by contacting us at: friendsofmyatt@gmail.com

How do we stay in touch?

Information is included in schools newsletters and look out for posters around school and on school noticeboards.

At Christmas and summer fair time we put a rota out in the playground for you to sign up on.

We also have a mailing list, email us to join: friendsofmyatt@gmail.com

Like us on Facebook:  @friendsofmyattgarden 

Follow us on Twitter: @MyattGardenPTA



Easy Fundraising

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