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Myatt Garden Primary School

Race Equality Pledge


We are delighted to share this important Race Equality Letter from Lewisham Learning, which outlines the significant work all Lewisham schools are doing to tackle race inequality.  This is something that we take very seriously and have committed to in this year’s School Improvement Plan.

Our work at Myatt Garden is focused on:

  • achieving equity for engagement in learning and academic outcomes for BAME children;
  • celebrating difference and diversity;
  • promoting the achievements of other cultures and BAME individuals;
  • developing an anti-racist school.

Our Governors have signed the Lewisham pledge on behalf of the school.

In addition, a large number of staff have attended a wide range of training including unconscious bias and decolonising the curriculum and a steering group has been established using the NEU’s Anti-Racism Framework to start evaluating elements of our practice and develop next steps. Curriculum coordinators have been looking at our history, science and geography curriculum and we are continuing to diversify our book stock across the school.

Our anti-racist work will remain a priority on the School Improvement Plan and will continue to be a long-term focus for all Lewisham schools. 

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