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Myatt Garden Primary School

School Council

Making Myatt Garden better FOR everyone WITH everyone

Our School Council is here to make Myatt Garden an even safer and happier place, not only from our own perspective but from everyone’s perspective and with everyone’s help. That is why we try and talk to lots of different children, so that we can share a big range of views at School Council meetings.

How were we elected?

All children in Key Stage 2 can stand to be a member of School Council. They have to make a speech to their class, saying what issues they think are important, as well as why they would make a good representative.  Every class then chooses two children who they think are sensible, can share ideas and who will speak up for students.  That’s how we got elected to be school council members!  You can see who we are below:



This year School Council are keen to continue to improve the playground. We have held class councils to ensure that all children in the school have their say. Many children said they would like more reading books and art resources outside to give everyone a range of options when choosing what they’d like to do. We would also love a ping pong table in the playground and the opportunity to play dodgeball as well as football.  

Red Nose Day: Friday 15th March

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Watch our School Video here