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Myatt Garden Primary School

School Council

Making Myatt Garden better FOR everyone WITH everyone


Our School Council is here to make Myatt Garden an even safer and happier place, not only from our own perspective but from everyone’s perspective and with everyone’s help. That is why we try and talk to lots of different children, so that we can share a big range of views at School Council meetings.

How were we elected?

All children in Key Stage 2 can stand to be a member of School Council. They have to make a speech to their class, saying what issues they think are important, as well as why they would make a good representative.  Every class then chooses two children who they think are sensible, can share ideas and who will speak up for students.  That’s how we got elected to be school council members!  You can see who we are below:



This year our School Council has thought carefully about the impact of lockdown on children and identified key areas to focus on:

Play Times

School Council were very aware of the importance of play to children as they returned to school. School Councillors spoke to their classmates about what they wanted at playtimes and their feedback has meant that we have:

  • bought lots of extra crates, so each zone has its own crates;
  • collected extra tyres;
  • added two extra basket ball hoops to the bottom playground;
  • bought extra guttering and broom handles;
  • added roll out crates with wood and loose parts for Key Stage 2;
  • added balls, hoops and balance boards;
  • restocked the loose parts store for the bank area;
  • bought some really long skipping ropes for group skipping.

School Councillors keep checking in with their peers and are happy to report improved playtimes for everyone!


Supporting our Community

Despite the COVID restrictions, school council were determined to support good causes and chose to fundraise for Comic Relief, which helps people in need in the UK and overseas. We arranged for families to be able to contribute online and had a day of jokes to make people laugh. We raised a whopping £1,190! What an amazing achievement.


Next Steps

Our summer term plans will be decided at our last meeting before Easter. Watch this space to find out what’s coming next!


School Council - Cake Sale